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Responsible Fatherhood Project

From October of 2011 through September of 2015, the Center was privileged to participate in a "Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood" program developed by and implemented at Haymarket Center under a grant from the Federal Office on Violence against Women (OVW). The Center conducted voluntary screening and assessments and also developed and co-facilitated a Healthy Relationships Curriculum, focused on improving the co-parenting skills of participants, whether or not they were still in relationship with the mother of their children and whether or not they were the custodial or non-custodial parent or still living with their children's mother. This curriculum was presented in tandem with a Fatherhood Skills Curriculum, "The 24/7 Dad" that was co-facilitated by Haymarket staff members.  The Center is working on further refining this curriculum and is seeking partners with whom we can implement it. Much of the material is also used in the RealMAP program. In Fiscal Year, 2015, eighty-four percent of our participants had children, and parenting after violence is a significant focus of both the Beliefs and Skills for Domestic Peace and RealMAP programs