Safe Homes, Safe Communities

Stopping Domestic Violence Where It Starts

Stopping Domestic Violence Where It Starts

You can make a difference. 

CADP knows both domestic violence and community violence economically deplete communities, decreasing resources for life-enhancing activities. The Center’s goal is to provide individual and group services and community outreach in order to support both individual and societal change that will foster healing, prevent future abuse, and provide for safe families and communities. And with your generous and inspiring support, we can continue to offer our services to community members.

Each year, we help up to 400 program participants through our “peace work” interventions at three Chicago locations. With your help, we can continue to move forward with additional services, including a parent education program designed to help participants increase positive parenting skills that can disrupt the cycle of violence and enrich the lives of their children.

What your donation provides:

$60 - 1 week of group intervention
$90 - Orientation to program
$170.00 - Individual assessment
$240.00 - 4 weeks of group intervention
$1440.00 - 24 weeks of group intervention


Your donation allows us to provide intervention services for those that abuse and to extend peace throughout homes and our communities.



Thank you for Advancing
Domestic Peace


There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate for peace. We appreciate your interest.

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