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Real Men Advancing Peace

Successfully Completing a Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) is often just the first step toward creating a life free of violence, which is why we started Real Men Advancing Peace. 

Launched in 2014 thanks to a generous grant from the Cook County Justice Advisory Council, this innovative aftercare and prevention initiative is designed to help participants put what they've learned in our Beliefs and Skills for Domestic Peace curriculum into practice and to provide an ongoing network of community support to keep them on the path to positive personal growth. 

RealMAP At A Glance

Facilitated Support Groups are the centerpiece of the program and offer a safe place for participants to build on their strengths, practice healthy communication skills, and discuss ongoing challenges they may face in maintaining their commitment to respectful partner relations. Group members meet regularly to encourage and support one another as well as receive individualized assistance with everything from goal-setting to finding employment.

                        Family event, June 2015   

                        Family event, June 2015


Parenting Education aims to break the inter-generational cycle of abuse by teaching the importance of nurturing and responsible parenting. Family-oriented social activities are also offered regularly to strengthen the bonds between participants and their children. And, since many RealMAP participants are non-custodial fathers, these outings also provide an opportunity to practice their parenting skills and learn helpful tips from one another.

Peer Mentoring is another core component because of the instrumental role this can plan in motivating and sustaining change. RealMAP trains men who have completed our Beliefs and Skills Partner Abuse Intervention program to serve as mentors for those currently enrolled. this not only enhances the likelihood of completion but, as mentors share their experiences with those coming up, it also reinforces their own healthy relationship skills and reduces the chance for recidivism.

Leadership Development is the ultimate goal of RealMAP, which seeks to cultivate a new cadre of "ambassadors for peace" by engaging those who have committed to stopping their abuse in promoting positive change in their communities. Along with the peer support they provide, mentors regularly participate in outreach events as well as lead presentations to raise awareness about domestic violence and engage community residents in discussing solutions.

To learn more about RealMAP, contact Terri Pope at or 312-945-6711.