neighborhood barbers for peace

 Neighborhood Barbers for Peace Awards Event, October 2017

Neighborhood Barbers for Peace Awards Event, October 2017

 2017 Brotherhood of Barbers event, Ogden Park, Chicago

2017 Brotherhood of Barbers event, Ogden Park, Chicago

Beginning in June, 2017,

the Center for Advancing Domestic Peace, with a grant from the Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities, started to work with barbers and barber colleges in several Chicago communities where many of the Center's participants live.

Since barbershops are places where men gather and often talk more openly than they might in other settings, the Center chose barbers as possible neighborhood allies in providing information about domestic violence and about what it means to be an accountable man. 

Four businesses joined us as charter members: Chazap Barber College in Roseland was the first, followed by Powell's Barbershop in Englewood, Gordie's Foundation with Mz. Pam's Salon 64 in West Englewood, and McCoy's Barber-Styling College. The Center provided "DV 101" workshops for barbers and students. Sunni Powell of Powell's Barbershop also began having regular Sunday afternoon discussions about domestic violence in his shop and became adept at leading those discussions.

The Center is continuing to provide training and informational materials including videos, posters and brochures. We hope to continue this work and expand it during the summer of 2018 and we will again be joining the Brotherhood of Barbers event in Ogden Park on Sunday, June 24th from 10 AM to 2:30 PM

NB4P Contest UPDATED 8.13.18.jpg

"Drop the Gun, Pick Up the Tools" Summer Contest ElIgibility and Rules:

Submissions can be in any of various art forms:
Essay, Poem, Performance, Film, Music, Drama, Skit, Song, Rap, Fabric art (quilt, etc.), Painting, Silkscreen, Sculpture, Mural, or anything creative. If you’re not sure please ask: or 312-265-0206 (ask for Mike).

Entries must focus on the effects of domestic and community violence and potential solutions to addressing those problems.  Entries should also address the benefit of barber training for the person entering and also to the community – “How can this help me to be part of the solution?” We reserve the right to reject entries that are gratuitously violent, sexually suggestive, vulgar, or otherwise explicitly offensive.

Contest participants must be 18 years of age to enter, with a high school diploma or GED, and must obtain enrollment in a licensed Barber College – please contact us for an updated list of participating colleges offering a discount in tuition along with the scholarship – awards will be paid directly to the institution within 30 days of winning. Participants may already be enrolled in a college at the time of entry if they are in good standing; but anyone who is of age and willing to apply to a barber college may also apply.  Payment of the award will be made when they, the winner, is accepted by a participating barber college.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS EXTENDED:  Friday, September 14, 2018 by 5:00 PM

Entries need to be submitted to: or delivered to: 
The Center for Advancing Domestic Peace Office – 813 S Western,
no later than 5pm on September 14, 2018.

Files that are too large to be emailed can be deposited in this Dropbox.
If you have problems with the Dropbox, please call 312-265-0206 and we will send a direct link to you.

In order to be fair to all, we will not be able to accept late submissions.

High-resolution pictures of paintings sculptures, quilts, murals or other art projects can be submitted. Performances can be live, and can be presented in the community at any time between June 30, 2018 and August 31, 2018, but a recording (MP3, MP4) must be submitted to the Center by email, in the Dropbox or on a USB Flash Drive before the deadline on September 14th. Essays and poems must be no more than three pages, double-spaced (12 pt. type or larger, at least .75” margins all around)

Contestants must complete an application, and must consent to permit the use of their picture and their contest submission in the Neighborhood Barbers for Peace outreach activities during 2018-2020. Please email us at for an application.

The winners will be announced at the Neighborhood Barbers for Peace Event on Sunday, October 14th (Location and time to be announced).

This contest is not open to employees or board members of the Center for Advancing Domestic Peace or members of their immediate families.